Adult mobile avatar chat rooms no credit card required

28 Feb

Here at the Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC, (referenced as “RCRF,” “us,” or “we”) we are dedicated to protecting your online privacy when visiting our sites and related mobile apps.We are committed to child safety and providing your child with a wholesome play experience online.We want to share the steps we have taken to make this a safe and secure environment.Parents, you can support your child’s healthy use of apps or internet by spending quality time with your children and observing your children’s use of digital media online.Below you will find a list of specialized terms with definitions to help you better understand the language of “all things Internet.” Avatar – A graphic/photo icon to represent a participant in chat and games. The activity of “posting” to a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.” Blogs are typically updated frequently, with posts appearing in chronological order with the most recent at the top.Thanks to the availability of blogging software that requires little or no technical background, creating and maintaining a blog is very easy to do.

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Whenever we reference the term “parents” below, we intend to include legal guardians.

Buddy List – In instant messaging (IM), or on cell phones with text display, a list of people a user wants to communicate with.

The list can be used to see who is offline or online.

These Terms of Use (collectively, the “Terms”) set forth the legally binding terms and conditions which are applicable to your use of the Service, however installed, accessed and/or used, whether via personal computers, mobile devices or otherwise.

Please be reminded that the Terms constitute an agreement between you and us and define the rights and responsibilities that you have with respect to the Service.