Arizona law threatening and intimidating

08 Mar

Cyberbullying, or using electronic media to harass another person, is a crime in Arizona. In addition, Arizona law requires schools to develop and enforce policies to deal with student-on-student bullying and cyberbullying. § 13-2921.) Threatening or intimidating another person is also a misdemeanor crime in Arizona. Please contact an attorney for a full understanding of the exact penalties you could be facing if found guilty of Aggravated Assault charges in Arizona.ARS 13-1204 Aggravated Assault Statutes Threatening or intimidating word or conduct of a nature threatening to cause physical injury or property damage is a criminal offense.Arizona law defines harassment as conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to be “seriously alarmed, annoyed or harassed” and that, in fact, does have that effect on the person targeted. § 13-1202.) A person commits this crime by using language or conduct that conveys a threat: (Ariz.

He characterized his plan as “a Columbine thing.” ¶ 4 The next morning at school, Kyle approached Jennifer while she was speaking with two friends, grabbed her wrist, and told her that if she told anybody what he had said, he would kill her. According to one witness, Kyle appeared “nervous” and “[s]eemed just like he knew something was going to happen, so he was going to try to defend himself.” She and her companions then reported the incident to the school principal. After the adjudication hearing, the juvenile court dismissed the counts relating to Andrew and Deseree, but found Kyle delinquent for threatening and intimidating Jennifer. Second offense aggravated assault charges increase the severity to a possible prison sentence of 10-20 years.Aggravated factors in under Arizona laws are extremely complicated.This article discusses cyberbullying laws in Arizona. For information about cyberbullying in general, see our article, Teen Cyberbullying and Harassment. § 13-2921.) A person commits the misdemeanor crime of harassment in Arizona by: (Ariz.