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06 Feb

Many of these informants join the FBI’s ranks after being convicted of crimes, enticed by reduced sentences and the potential for six-figure paychecks.Childs was convicted of child molestation and child rape, court records show.After those convictions, he was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender in California, Oregon and Washington state.None of those offenses prevented Childs, a baby-faced man who alters his appearance by changing his facial hair, from making a lucrative career as an FBI informant, earning tens of thousands of dollars per month.I reported the message and it's content to AT&T via 7726. You don't answer their phone calls so they send text messages with your personal information? If you register with the FTC for the legitimate Do Not Call registry, you need to give your email.Within 72 hours after you register the number, you will get an email that confirms your registration.

Even though it was am when they sent it, I was waking enough to think logically and not click on the link.

The profiles appeared on their two other websites, Big City and Evil Empire, which were used to draw Web traffic to Backpage’s prostitution business, the complaint said.

The complaint listed 10 victims whose profiles were created without their knowledge.

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