Characteristics of intimidating behavior

28 Apr

The less reactive you are to provocations, the more you can use your better judgment to handle the challenge.When you feel upset with or challenged by someone, before you say or do something you might later regret, take a deep breath and count slowly to ten.This was just one of the many ways that Stevie controlled the neighborhood.Dad took me to the basement where we filled an old duffel bag full of clothes. Over and over again, I practiced hitting that bag... Proud of my punch, my Dad then said: "Are you gonna let that kid push you around any more?In later sections, we’ll get into numerous, specific traits of a bully--visible and hidden--and the type of environment that encourages workplace bullies (the toxic workplace).Although a workplace bully has many ways of controlling others and gaining power, five basic methods form the foundation of his powerful strategy for personal success.

It’s not a bad thing to be one of these people, even though you might feel like you’ve done something wrong by the way others react around you.

He landed with a thud on the ground where I kicked and beat him until he begged me to stop.

He got up, fell back into the arms of a couple of other wide-eyed kids who had gathered, rubbing his forearm across his bloody lip. I guess that the success in my first stand and deliver, the great nickname, and the adulation of others, spurred me go after bullies wherever I saw them.

"I would walk 3 or 4 blocks out of the way in order to approach the school from a direction where I hoped the bullies wouldn't be standing.

If they were around, they'd comment on my weight, my breasts, my clothes, and even spit on me.