Chris heinz dating

16 May

And if John Kerry should become the next president, don't look for Heinz to move into the White House with his stepfather and mother.

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When I got there, I said, You won't believe what happened." Heinz, whom I met with Gwyneth Paltrow about five years ago, says he's going to keep the dating thing on the down-low through November 2, by the way.“It’s also given me a chance to stretch the band out.We do 56 shows in 28 days, and we always come out of this a much stronger unit all around.” A jazz-pop powerhouse who keeps a grueling tour schedule — he’s on the road some 280 nights out of the year — Mr.For each of the last 12 years, Chris Botti has spent the holidays at the Blue Note Jazz Club, bringing his trumpet, his high-gloss production values and his ace touring band.What began as a standard booking at the club has expanded into a monthlong residency, full of surprise drop-ins and celebrity cameos. Botti said the other day, a week into his current run.