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27 Jan

“Intimate first-person storytelling,” the show’s promo materials promise, “meets a gritty Southern backdrop in Shreveport, Louisiana.” And it won’t take long for viewers to understand exactly how Detective Demery became the chosen one of the title: his own mother was murdered when Rod was just three years old. Then, when Demery was in his 20s, his brother was convicted of murder, and given a life sentence.Because of those two formative events, Demery vowed “that no family would be denied justice the way his…was,” and he joined the Shreveport Police Department, “serv[ing] 14 years as a detective in the violent crimes unit, with an unprecedented 100% confession and solve rate as lead investigator.” Detective Rod Demery. Owens, Pikeville, KY, Gerald Eidson, Rogersville, TN, for appellant Mullins. Each defendant waived the right to trial by jury and the trial court conducted a consolidated sentencing hearing. More specifically, she used heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, and acid. In exchange for the pleas of guilt, the state agreed to withdraw its requests for imposition of the death penalty. She dropped out because it “wasn't doing any good.” By then, Cornett had started to use alcohol and illegal drugs.The defendants Karen Howell and Natasha Cornett contend that the trial court erred by failing to grant separate sentencing hearings. Their relationship, however, continued to deteriorate. Nonetheless, Wallen permitted Cornett's friends to visit her residence for days at a time. At the sentencing hearing, Cornett denied that she worshiped Satan, but confessed a belief in his existence.Howell has adopted the allegations of error made by the other defendants. She acknowledged that she attempted to contact spirits and demons through various rituals.

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Photo via Facebook In fact, as WMC Action News recently reported, he’s the one who came up with the title of the show–though he did so accidentally. There are certain things that God puts you through for certain reasons.

“I think the title came from an interview I was doing with one of the producers,” he said. And I kind of felt as if that was a calling.” However, answering the call meant that Detective Demery was almost never just “Rod.” Work came first and foremost; people outside of work often found themselves overlooked, and even peers in the Department sometimes found Demery cold, even as his success left them in awe.

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