Consolidating emails gmail

04 May

This makes things a easier, and allowed me to check my websites emails ([email protected]) while still using my personal email ([email protected]).

The rest is pretty much up to you, check all 4 boxes.

Juggling several email inboxes can be a hassle, but luckily with all the main email providers – Gmail, Outlook (Hotmail) and Yahoo – you can combine email accounts into one inbox, and send and receive email all from one place on the web.

This will come in particularly handy to those of you who don’t like the idea of using a desktop client.

If you signed up for Gmail and didn't add it to your existing account, now you have two separate accounts.

Gmail isn’t just a typical webmail system — it’s a full-fledged email client that can consolidate all your email addresses in one place.

Click it to confirm that you own your main account.

Previously, I posted about using Google apps to take care of your websites email needs.

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If your other email account is also a Gmail account, go into Gmail’s settings, click over to the .However, there was one nagging issue which always bugged me.My personal account was a gmail account, and if my website email address was hosted on google apps, that meant I could only login to one email at a time.With Gmail, getting all of your other email accounts into your Gmail inbox couldn’t be easier.We’ve already walked you through the process in the past here Many of us have multiple Gmail accounts to separate private email from work and projects.