Dating dilbert attractive

04 Apr

Dilbert: As you know, every project in this company has one idiot on the team.

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Dogbert says, "I have a solution for your dating dilemma." Dogbert continues, "At your age there are more single men than single women." Dogbert continues, "Worse yet, all of the single women are dating married men or serial killers." Dogbert continues, "But the statistics eventually favor men." Dilbert asks, "Really? " Dogbert replies, "At age 80 there are THREE TIMES as many available women as men because men die younger." Dilbert asks, "Are you saying I should wait until I'm old . Boss: That feels right because eggs go rotten quickly, too. Dilbert: Have you ever noticed that our cubicles are organized exactly like a carton of eggs. Boss: From now on, you must refer to your cubicle as a "modular workstation." The word "cubicle" is demeaning to the people who work in them. For example: The travesty here is that a lot of us short guys, especially Modest Man readers, have their act together!We make awesome partners too, if only we can overcome the inherent height bias of the ‘fairer’ sex. Research suggests this tendency is instinctively driven, and women are reacts.