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04 Mar

On the other hand, there are contract lawyers that review contracts and don’t spend time in front of judges or juries.So in both professions there are those that work hard and long hours.Since I started my series about Medicine and the Law, I’ve been thinking a lot about a debate I used to have with my friends when I was younger.Some of my friends wanted to be lawyers, others wanted to be doctors. Since that time, lawyers are paid more than doctors.His scrubs attire and stethoscope also feature prominently on social media. He will offer 24/7 medical advice, free prescriptions, and MCs to prove that he’s legit, never mind that he can really only do one of the above.If you are out on a date with a medical student, be prepared for this card to get played even more.Between 1 January and 31 December last year, a female human rights lawyer and a journalist rated as the sexiest dream dates for men seeking the love of their life, whereas women seeking Mr Right were more likely to opt for a doctor, an architect or a man in another creative profession.

That medicine is a profession with no restrictions to work hours and that law is a corporate type of job with restrictions.

I understand that in every profession there are difficult and less difficult specialties.

Radiologists, physiatrists, and dermatologists are all doctors but they definitely don’t work as hard or as long of hours as surgeons, traumatologists, or intensivists.

Because they are well off, they are looking for that special someone who fits their lifestyle and their needs.

This is a person they can dote on and take on exotic vacations while living comfortably in their home.