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30 Jan

They exchanged whispered phone calls and clandestine meetings until being spotted by a member of the Bahrain Royal Guard, who informed her mother of the illicit relationship.

After being forced to end the relationship and forbidden to see Johnson, they continued their relationship by secretly exchanging letters through a jewelry store employee at the mall for eleven months, until Johnson's tour of duty was scheduled to end.

After she was smuggled into the United States with help from Lance Corporal Johnson and being threatened with deportation by United States Customs, she was permitted to stay and apply for asylum, claiming that she feared honor violence by her family in retaliation for fleeing her country and entertaining a romantic relationship with a non-Muslim.

Her story was featured heavily in the American press, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, and was turned into a television movie.

Joining our service makes you a member of one of the world’s largest network dating sites. Military also recommends the following dating services: Military Friends This is an exclusive online community to help members from Army, Navy, Marines, Air Forces, Coast Guard, Police Forces and Firefighters, as well as civilians find old buddies, make new friends, and build lasting relationships.After that day, she has stopped taking his calls and replying to text messages.The source says, "Their close friends know about the break-up.She and Johnson flew to the United States in November 1999 with Al Khalifa disguised as a female U. Marine and using fake military transfer documents, forged by Lance Corporal Johnson himself, and were married in a Las Vegas chapel on November 16, 1999, after which she settled into life as a military housewife, living in base housing at Camp Pendelton.For his role in helping Al Khalifa flee Bahrain, Johnson was court-martialed for "forging military papers," but because of all the media attention the case was getting, Johnson's punishment only consisted of him being stripped of his "Lance Corporal" rank, being demoted to "Private," the lowest rank in the United States Marine Corps. Facing deportation from the United States, Al Khalifa applied for political asylum, citing that she faced harm, which, she claimed, could have included death, for her relationship and subsequent marriage to a non-Muslim, one who was not only a foreigner, but also an American, as well as for fleeing her native country illegally, without permission from her father or her government.