Datingancient customs jewish wedding

25 Jan

The bride usually puts the ring on the left ring after the ceremony.

When the bride gives a ring to the bridegroom during the ceremony, she will put it directly on his left ring finger. Brides usually visit the mikvah (ritual bath) the morning of their wedding day (or as close to that day as possible) as an act of purification.

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What is so wonderful about a Ketubah is that you can customize it with language fitting to your type of marriage.

Brides and bridegrooms are encouraged to fast on their wedding day until the ceremony.

When guests arrive at the ceremony, male guests go into a room with the bridegroom while the female guests go into a room where the bride is sitting on a throne-type chair.

The Talmud states that the couple must also be physically attractive to each other, something that can only be determined by meeting.

According to Jewish law physical contact is not allowed between a man and a woman until they are married (except for certain close relatives), and also they may not be alone together in a closed room or secluded area.