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21 Mar

The man, who is not charged with any sexual abuse, is understood to have got to know the boys through his sport.

He acted as mentor to some of them, coach to some of the others and helped get sponsorships for some of the teenagers.

The alleged incidents date between April 2007 and November last year.

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ATLANTA - Our FOX 5 I-Team continues its close examination of the Atlanta mayor's race. Hall, who had just been re-elected to his District 2 City Council post, filed a campaign disclosure that shows ,605 on hand.

Hall filed an amendment in April of this year that showed a new number: 2,063. The rules say to start over with a new election cycle.

Instead, his staff added up all the contributions he'd raised since 2006 which made it look like his campaign had lots of money.“Could have been a little tighter little tighter,” says Hall, “We've identified a new team, to review and address everything.

We are working on it.”But at least one other government watchdog is not impressed.“As a citizen off the street, looking at something like this it would appear as if the money came out of the sky,” says Sara Henderson of good government group Common Cause.

“If a candidate or sitting elected official can't do these forms, that really are pretty simple, and file on time, file an accurate report, it says something about your fiscal integrity,” says Henderson.