Did kelly and val dating

30 Mar

Even though they had a bit of a slip-up during the show, Janel gushed to her partner, “You are still really cute.It was still a blast, and I still got kissed so it was all good." Although the actress previously avoided the rumors that they're dating, we think it's cute that she's being more open about her affection for Val. The actress has revisited romances before; in 2012, Kelly briefly got back together with former flame Chris Evans after the pair parted ways in 2007.

: don’t @ us) turns 21 today, and she has more than a few well-wishers. Then the fans caught wind of that and all these questions started piling in, ‘Are you dancing with Meryl? And it was early, and I was younger, and it was not necessary, but that’s a fact with We decided to do about five days in December. “That's a tough situation, but you understand that your success is pretty much at the mercy of your chemistry.Or you kind of adapt, you adjust, you see what's great about this person and you try to focus in on that rather than dwell on the negatives or the things that you don't share in common."Spoken like a good therapist.