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11 Feb

Regardless of the courses or trainings you choose, our mission is always the same - to provide you with quality, personal and professional lifelong opportunities that are affordable, accessible, and focused on customer needs.

Lessons will be given based on each student's interest, level, and age.

With opportunities offered at all three campus locations - Cumberland, MD, Bedford and Somerset Counties in PA- our Continuing Education Department gives you countless options through customized contract trainings, open enrollment courses, professional conferences, certification and licensure courses, and job entry and advancement trainings.

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Please note that we cannot accept scanned, copied, or emailed forms as official.Overnight accommodation is also included (all students will share a double room with three other students of the same gender) at recognized hotels near campus.WSU admissions counselors will ride the buses with the students to and from Pullman and serve as chaperon’s during the event (both during the day and overnight at hotels).70 / 30 Teaching Formula: In classes, we focus 70% on foundations and 30% on the medium itself.The student will spent 70% of their time learning, understanding, and practicing core fine-art subjects, such as Lines, Shapes, Forms , Space, Color, and Texture, and the other 30% they will use applying mediums they prefer.