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30 Apr

So don’t get caught up in trying to highlight your best side all the time.Instead, present yourself in an honest and authentic way– imperfections and all. Whoever walks away probably wasn’t your type anyway.Our insatiable need to truly know another person and the impossible truth that most times, we’re all too selfish and scared.How people are ultimately, at their core, simple, stupid, animals.Just hook me up with someone with a decent set of skills who will fix my shit in exchange for just the innate joy of generosity.The state and federal governments are both making such a big deal out of the so-called 'energy crisis' in South Australia.Very few film stories, save for Paddy Chayefsky’s brilliant screenplay for the 1955 film and grand wet t-shirt professions of devotion in the rain.

I’m going to continue simply living vicariously through my friends’ horrifying Tinder stories until they start making apps that are realistic and relevant to my completely cooked existence. Hit me up if the weight of your own existence is crushing you. Just like Tinder, except your mum has to swipe right on me (So just like real Tinder then, heyooooo). Ha ha, don’t look me up, you definitely won’t find me on there.(gymnastics sequences/absurdist comedy/explicit violence). This emerging auteur of Greek film, a national cinema that’s becoming increasingly irate, is known for pitch-black comedy that sits on the precipice of death at all times.have 45 days to find a mate or they are turned into the animal of their choosing.Parents, teachers, guidance counselors, advisers, professors, they all either have shit to do or have moved on to the next kid who needs a little handholding. You wake up too early in your shitty, over-priced apartment to go to that job you hate that you’re paid too little to do anyway for a boss who may or may not know your name, then you go home and you watch fucking Netflix or Sportscenter or , and maybe you meet some friends for some drinks or something, but they’re all going through the same thing so they don’t really have the energy to take care of you AND their own well-being, which you understand (but still), so you just stare at each other between listless banter about how much the weather sucks unless you’re in Los Angeles (but there you’re just talking about how much the people suck) until you decide you’re tired and go home, and you lay in bed and stare at the ceiling and say to yourself, “Wow, I am alone.It would be nice if there were a person here laying next to me right about now.” That’s why we date. But here’s what many people get caught up on: Dating involves opening your self up to another person.