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12 Feb

Because, during the first week or so of having got it, you are more vulnerable to infection which could be complicated - so no matter how "clean" I am, if I were to go letting someone of questionable sexual health go messing around up there, I would be a) a very silly bunny and b) very possibly infected soon after.

So, if you are, in the immortal words of Nelly Furtado, a promiscuous girl - this is not for you. Once again, hot searing stick of crampy agony followed by me sobbing away like a tit.

She steered me off Depo [which I'm grateful for; I never REALLY wanted it] for the simple reason that if something goes tits up with it, I can't "take it out" like I can anything else.

And since I'm already the owner of an unruly womb, there's no point in risking that. A consultant took over and explained the risks, the benefits, the pros the cons and the ins and outs, all of which I was pretty up on, but I listened and went through the health questionnaire for contraindications etc etc.

Today’s announcement includes shows in Sofia, Bulgaria at Arena Armeec on 16 September; St.

They also want to know what day of a period you are on because things "flow" a little easier when you're on, but a heavy period can mean you dislodge the bloody thing, so a balance has to be struck.

One important point to note here is that they wanted to know when my last STI test was, and not just that, but my partner's.

The party later assembled on the House of Commons Terrace to sip champagne.

It's a deal: Lord Laird (right) with, from left, Gregg Fryett, James Whale and Ren Kapur, of Sustainable Economic Solutions.