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12 Feb

With a mod manager, you can add the new version, deactivate the old one, and play.

If you find that the new version has a bug or missing file (happens to the best of them), you can delete the new version, and reactivate the old one.

Please do not register using a @or @email address if you are expecting to activate your account immediately for beta key or other promotional giveaways.

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Canadians are known to be very friendly and welcoming people.

That includes mods, screenshots, guides, walkthroughs, and suggestions, as well as links to tutorials, just in case YOU want to mod The Sims 3. Sim Logical - This site has some great links to modding programs, and has it's own mods too, of course Umpa77 Blogspot - You get the Dead or Alive Extreme 2 dances, and you'll need the stripper pole Lost Account's Blog - Bill Rand made some great mods here for Sims 4 (which apparently Mod The Sims has been ripping off), including the famous In Teen Game Vixen Zone - I found a nude top and bottom for Sims 4 that actually looks pretty good in all races.

All Sims Mods - No, this doesn't have "All Sims Mods". It certainly has a lot though, including a male pregnancy mod Spring 4 Sims - This site has mainly non-adult mods, but some are really interesting Lady Moraine - Some serious sex mods here!

Lovers Lab - If you continue strait down the hall, you'll find Inc Teen for Sims 4, with ever changing versions.

Lovers Lab - Go down those stairs and hang a right, and in the first door on the left, you'll find I know. With The Sims 4 Mod Manager, you can use certain mods, and leave others deactivated, in case you don't want to use a certain mod at the time. Or, maybe you're using a mod that you know will be updated a lot.