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22 Feb

On January 22, she found herself on the crest of a new wave of popularity, as reporters spotted her in Gansu province while attending a local meeting of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Congress (CPPCC), a legislative body inside the Communist Party.

The following day, she told that she would like to “do a little investment in Gansu, and shoot more films and TV programs featuring Gansu – especially mainstream programs.” “Mainstream programs” is an expression which refers to patriotic, historical movies.

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Read more has opened to strong ratings in its first two episodes and actor John Cho has played a key role in both shows.

On Weibo, the Chinese Twitter, one user writes: “it is shocking to know that Hong Kong porn star Peng Dan has become a CPPCC member in Gansu province. Since Gansu province is so ‘tolerant,’ why not legalize a red light district?

The web site has now been "paralyzed", according to reports.

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But as this market got glutted, some directors began to turn local, making movies rooted in Hong Kong culture for the tiny, Cantonese-speaking Hong Kong audience.

Once, this audience determined tastes for the entire Asia Pacific region. Movies like Pang Ho-cheung's was the first film from veteran producer Bill Kong's new Hong Kong-centric production company.