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27 Jan

An improtant point so many of our customers tell us they like, is that we work out who you're matched with for you, so you don't even have to spend your own time entering your choices and hoping that everyone you met on the night is going to do so also!

We can do that for you and everyone attending on the night.

Are relationships across teams not collaborative or even contentious?

Do you see people in the halls and not know their names?

We’ve automated practically every process from initial customer contact, payments, bookings, credit management and event management. This has cost tens of thousands of pound over the years and we realise that for most people that wish to set up a speed dating business the cost of this is prohibitive.

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Everyone has heard of speed dating, but few are clear on how it can be applied in an organizational context. A fast, fun, safe, and comfortable way to meet people from another department; 2.

All our events are hosted by our own experienced and very professional hosts who take pride in running our very successful events.

many of our hosts have been with us for more than 6 years now.

Let’s assume a positive presupposition: people will like something they hear.

Running with this assumption, it will be useful for participants to make contact cards with their a) names b) twitter handles c) email addresses d) blog sites and so on.