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05 Mar

then emails each attendee a list of the participants who would like to hear from you again! We also hold a variety of events for other ethnicities, interests and religions.

Odds are you'll have one or more matches (more than two-thirds of Pre Daters match at least one person). To be notified of our Christsian Pre-Dating events, please join the Event Notification list for your city.

This line of thinking started me down several dozen new paths almost instantly. University of South Florida plans to let students checkout drones at its library Library Drones – As we enter the drone era, the library/sharing economy will take on some interesting new dimensions. Tool Loaning Libraries – Borrow a drill, wrench, socket set, welding torch, hammer, plane, power saw, soldering iron, or more. Emergency Equipment Loaning Libraries – Emergency generators, emergency lighting, first aid kits, etc. Pet Lending Library – Animal shelters or fraction pet ownership kennels will be able to fly your pet to you at a moments notice. 24-Hour Books, Audio Books, Videos, Artwork, & Information Archives – On demand library services delivered right to your home. Tech Lending Library – If you find an old Commodore 64 disc or Atari Space Invaders cartridge and want to have a retro weekend, just borrow one of the original computers or game consoles to make it happen. Borrow an Expert Library – Flying video screen with a live connection so you can have a brief conversation with an expert who can answer your questions. Borrow a Big Brother – Companionship with a drone chaperone.

Drones can be low flying, high flying, tiny or huge, silent or noisy, super-visible or totally invisible, your best friend or your worst enemy. Leaf Raking Drones – Menial labor is a thing of the past. Home Security Drones – Whether the threat is coming from the sky or on the ground, these drones will spot the problem, alert the owners, alert authorities, and rain fire and brimstone down on any intruders. 3D Printer Repair Drone – Whenever a crack or damage occurs, the 3D printer drone will fly in and print a perfect patch every time. Special Drone Docks – To allow 24-7 drone deliveries, and to alert you when they arrive. Diaper Changing Drones – I have no idea how this one will work, but once perfected, the demand will be off the charts. Real Estate Photography Drones – Real estate agents, especially those selling high-end homes, use drones to fly over their listed properties and capture aerial footage of the grounds and surrounding neighborhoods. Atmospheric Water Harvesting Drones – Fly to high humidity areas, suck moisture from the air, and deliver it within minutes. Home Inspection Drones – Find the problems before spending too much time on a property. Battery Replacement Drones – Replace the batteries in your house, much like replacing the batteries in your clock. Trash Removal Drones – Off grid living at it’s best.

Flying drones can also roll along the ground, stick to the side of a building, float in a river, dive under water, jump onto a building, climb a tree, or attach themselves like parasites to the sides of trains, ships, and airplanes. They’re a cost-effective alternative to manned helicopters. Drug Sniffing Drones – Faster and more versatile than bloodhounds. Political Corruption Sniffing Drones – Faster and more versatile than whistleblowers….

One moment they can be hovering in front of you and the next they can fly off at the speed of sound, disappearing into the clouds.

Once we have attracted enough attendees for this event, we will contact you: In order to ensure equal numbers of men and women at our events, everyone must register in advance.

At our Christian Speed Dating Events, you'll meet up to a dozen other Christian single professionals in your age group through a series of six minute "pre-dates" at a local upscale restaurant or bar.

We facilitate the whole thing so there's no awkwardness, no pressure, no embarrassment and no games..great fun! Check our Scheduled Events Page for a list of cities and events.

We can add lights, sound, cameras, microphones, sensors, robotic arms, wave cancellation technology, or wave enhancement technology.

Simply adding a robotic display will enable us to fly in and have a private video conversation with someone on the other side of the world. Duck & Geese Monitors Police drone Police Drones – The police will use drones to track down criminals and even for search and rescue missions. High Speed Chase Drones – The chase is over even before it starts. Domestic Violence Monitors – Remote monitoring of potentially volatile situations. Child Abuse Monitors – When in doubt, these hovering nanny-cams will provide close scrutiny. Neighborhood Watch Cams – Patrolling the neighborhood even when the neighbors are gone. Ankle Bracelet Replacement Drones – Adjusted to the freedoms stipulated by the courts with more real-time data. Instant Court Drones – Your day in court may only be minutes after receiving your ticket. Airbrush Swarm – Add artistic murals to your walls in seconds. Dusting Drone – Cleans walls, shelves, countertops, and virtually every other surface.