Inside the mind of the boy dating your daughter

24 Feb

While we may remember what it felt like to fall in love for the first time, few of us actually know the brain science behind it.

Brain structure and chemicals affect the way a teenager first dives in to romance.

The brain begins releasing a group of hormones called androgens and as the increase, children start experiencing their first crush.

So, as with all good Dad skills, I decided to head off “tango one” at the pass. For those that don’t know what Im on about, its a NATO style designation for a target).

Firstly, I sat down with both my girls and said the following:- “I know you are interested in boys but I want to say something now because I love you very much and my job is to protect you and care for you…even if that means you don’t always like what I say.

You might be happy to know that this misconception is just that, A 2008 study reported by the Journal of Adolescence actually disagreed with the stereotype.

The study suggested that love, a desire for real relationships with girls and strong friendships among their peers motivate teenage boys as much as or more than sex does. About 40 percent of the boys surveyed were sexually active and most had either dated or were in the process of dating.