Iowa state law mandating license for maintenance employees of schools

01 Feb

Good samaritan laws protect: rescuer, property owner, physician, and trainer.

(h B 1066: 1999) h B 1970 (2005) and h B 2786 (2007): requires AEDs to be placed in health spas and have at least one staff member trained in AED use and CPR working at all times.

The "July Salary" column indicates the employee's base salary; annual salary may include bonuses.

Community Based Corrections officers and State Fair Board members are not included in this release of public data.

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The following easy-to-use search options make finding information even faster for state employees and those using state services.The Des Moines Register maintains the database of state employees based on electronic files used for the annual printing of the state salary book.The salary information is based on fiscal year periods dating back to fiscal year 2006.School nurses are also required to take the Alaska Studies and Alaska Multi-Cultural Studies coursework according to the code. Administrative Code 610-X-4-.01 (2004) requires the completion of an approved registered nursing program or an approved practical nursing program, the possession of a high school diploma, and the passing of the board approved licensing examination to be qualified as a school nurse.Code 16-22-16 (2009) allows school districts to employ licensed practical nurses (LPN) in addition to registered nurses (RN).