Kate perry dating

21 May

Suits actress Meghan Markle has spent most her life in Hollywood but is now dating Prince Harry, while Kate Middleton had her long awaited wedding to Prince William six years ago, aged 29.

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“There were times when tears came out of me, and I went, OK, John, this is not about an on-again, off-again relationship,” he told NYT.Taking some time away from the limelight, Mayer embarked on writing his new album, which includes many juicy new breakup songs that are undoubtably about Perry.In fact, the pop hit-maker confessed outright that the song “Still Feel Like Your Man” was directly inspired by his pop star ex: “Who else would I be thinking about?“This is something more profound.” Meanwhile, as Radar previously reported, just days after Perry split from Orlando Bloom, Mayer began reaching out again.“John reached out to Katy right after he heard that she and Orlando were broken up,” a source close to Perry said.