Liberal women dating conservative man

05 Apr

According to exit polls only 4% of black women voted R last November (while 15% of black men and about 60% of white men did).

And perhaps those with more traditional values also have less self-doubt, another trait that could lead to a mental calm—and fireworks in the bedroom.Douthat skews conservative, but actually has some data on his side.Even though liberals like to tout their sexual permissiveness as a strength – how can I get married unless I’ve sampled lots of the merchandise?Conservatives tend to stick with the one man, one woman, sex within marriage model. People are marrying later, waiting until they are financially stable, delaying engagement until their love has stood the test of time, aware of the pitfalls of divorce, and so on.Liberals are open to all different models, including gay marriage, single parenting, polyamory, sex outside of marriage, and never getting married at all. And yet, the abortion rate is down, the divorce rate has lowered, and if you’re college educated and over the age of 30, you have an 80% chance of having your marriage last forever. Plenty of people are making mistakes, but they’re more likely to end in a breakup after a year than a divorce after 10 years.