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19 Feb

His life may have ended but his career has endured.

Three decades later, Claude François – Clo Clo – remains one of France's biggest-selling recording artists.

It didn’t do well commercially, it didn’t really get reviewed or coverage. She’s walking through the back exit of the restaurant, surrounded by men with cameras. You feel she wasn’t just telling you that cause she was telling you that. She is the creator and host of the podcast Mystery Show, which was done in production with Gimlet Media.

Him I would want to have nothing to do with, but her I would love to talk to. Starlee: The idea of her having an email address, you are making her seem more of this world than I believe she is. Britney herself only makes up one little corner of the photo. Announcer: Welcome to Britney Spears Piece of Me Andrea: Do you feel like it was genuine? And for everyone else who has always wanted to be more like Lee, here’s your chance. Starlee Kine is an American public radio producer and writer.

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I Starlee: Were you as excited when you had your baby? This is my guy and we are so much alike, we’re even wearing denim together. I like to imagine she has secret personality email she can just go on facebook and interact with people not as herself. Andrea: Maybe she is one of these weird people who keep liking pictures of my baby and I don’t know who they are. I’m sending you this picture right now so you can take look at it. She is expecting a picture to be taken and I go “hi Britney I am Starlee” and she smiled and I said “look I just have to ask you” and she kept trying to turn to the camera and I say “look my friend wrote this book called To Feel Stuff and you had a picture taken with it in 2008. ” and she goes “my assistant gave it to me” and then I said “did you like it? Original scoring by Emmy, Nick Thorburn, the bands White Dove and Devin Dare. Arthur Jones made our logo and now you can’t stop staring at it.

At the time of his death, however, he had just made a breakthrough in Britain, packing the Royal Albert Hall with 5,000 hysterical, mostly female, fans.

If he had lived, he might have done something that Hallyday never did.

Andrea: Never Starlee: Is it face out in bookstores? I mean this is a thing where I would go and try to buy it in a bookstory, I would be applying for fellowship and need a copy for them and I couldn’t, couldnt get a hold of it. That way, when the celebrity turns away from one camera, they are facing another, and when they turn away again, they’re facing a third. It’s sword and the stone, only a valid person can pull it out. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times Magazine and California Sunday.

Starlee: You don’t see people carrying it around and reading it. Paparazzi tend to work in a triangle, with the celebrity at the center and a shooter on three sides. Starlee: I know it was cause I talked to everyone else and she didn’t give anyone anything. She doesn’t turn it on for people or she can’t turn it on for people. Spears wants each and every one of you to have the night of your life and would like to encourage everyone to get out of their seats and dance until the world ends. (music) Starlee Kine: Mystery Show is produced by myself, Alex Blumberg, Melinda Shopsin and Eric Mennel. Her other work has been featured on This American Life.