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24 May

Warm Bodies Release Date: April 11th, 2013 Warm Bodies began life as a seven-page online short story titled 'I am a Zombie Filled with Love" that attracted a wide Internet audience and led author Isaac Marion, with some encouragement, to expand it into his debut 2010 novel.Described as a 'zombie romance" by the Seattle Post Intelligencer, complete with allusions to Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet," the novel captivated producer Bruna Papandrea (Milk, All Good Things).Their tense, awkward and strangely sweet relationship develops into something that will not only transform R but his fellow zombies and possibly their entire lifeless world.Scary, funny and surprisingly poignant, Warm Bodies proves that love makes us all human.'As a piece of writing, it was so elegant and beautiful," says Bruna Papandrea, who at a friend's recommendation got hold of the book before it was published and read it from cover to cover during a flight.

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feels more rooted in the sort of achingly bittersweet teen “outsider” films of the ’80s.Plus, the new film’s high-concept Romeo and Juliet premise–an overly sensitive zombie boy known only as “R” falls for Julie, a pretty, apocalypse survivor –is nicely grounded by honest, likable performances by British actor Nicholas Hoult ( It was a new and refreshing idea, just a unique concept.I’d never seen a zombie film told from the perspective of the zombie.I loved that they injected humor and romance, plus there was action, kind of this mishmash of genres. I read the script first, liked that, met Jonathan, got the role, and then read the book as kind of a little bit of extra knowledge.It’s great, really well written and gives insight into a lot of things the script couldn’t—the feelings, the thoughts, it’s all in there.