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15 May

The purpose of the second, third and possibly fourth email is to build trust and rapport with a woman. This is very important if you want to, not only get her phone number, but also actually meet her in person. You’re coming across as “just another guy” trying to get her number too fast without really getting to know her. And if you’re reading this and saying to yourself, “.” I’ll share with you the secrets that hundreds of guys all over the world are using right now to meet women online and get more dates.

If you try and go for the phone number too soon, you’ll be shot down quickly. Now is it possible to get her phone number in one or two emails? You’ll learn how to write compelling emails and dating profiles, places to take women on that all important first date, what to say at the end that will all but GUARANTEE a second date, and a lot more.

Don’t give your social media accounts out or anything that can trace them back to you. What do you do if they give you their number and ask you to call them or text them? I will admit I used to, but I just don’t feel comfortable doing it because I’ve had some weirdos I didn’t want to talk to keep texting and calling even after months of not talking.

To me, my number is for those I want to interact with and don’t mind continuing to interact with.

I recently read an otherwise attractive girls profile that said, “If you’re the type of guy who pathetically messages lots of girls, hoping one sticks, I’m not interested.” That got me thinking.

I believe that deep down, women just want to feel special.

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