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11 May

Out of 40 national laws to have passed through the 16th congress, 36 lapsed into law from July 17 to 22 after former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III and President Rodrigo Duterte neither signed nor vetoed the bills. Stricter Anti-Carnapping Law Republic Act 10883 or “An act providing for a new anti-carnapping law of the Philippines” now considers carnapping a non-bailable offense and will require Land Transportation Office to keep a record of all cars and owners.The new law increased the imprisonment time from a maximum of 17 years and four months, to around 20 to 30 years in jail.In addition, the mail-order bride and human trafficking industries prevalent in the Philippines place women and girls at risk of being subject to forced marriages.It is uncertain whether women and girls facing forced marriages would be able to access adequate protections in the Philippines.Special systems for government employees and military personnel.3.33% of gross monthly earnings, according to 29 income classes.Any person involved in the concealment of the crime will be imprisoned from six to 12 years and fined with the cost of the car or any part involved in the crime. Mandatory subtitles Republic Act 10905 or “An act requiring all franchise holders or operators of television stations and producers of television programs to broadcast or present their programs with closed captions option, and for other purposes” requires TV stations to provide subtitles for the deaf community.However, it exempts franchise holders or TV station operators and program producers who release public service announcements under 10 minutes or if providing text caption would prove to be economically burdensome.

Requirements may vary as each county in The Republic of The Philippines could have their own requirements.

The minimum monthly earnings used to calculate contributions are 1,000 pesos (5,000 pesos for voluntarily insured overseas workers).

The maximum monthly earnings used to calculate contributions are 15,000 pesos.

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