Problems updating avg edition

17 Feb

As someone else said, its ALWAYS running something in the background and sometimes I have to just pull the plug and start over - so frustrating.Now its telling me I have to update to 2013 and Im totally scared to or the computer might quit entirely. Any help on this manner would be appreciated as it is affecting installing/uninstalling other programs as well.Running Windows 10 AVG Free edition Update does not complete and gives a message "Update has detected running installation.I had figured out that Zonealarm was the culprit but couldnt see any instances in the program control section of AVG installer being blocked.This problem occurred nearly 2 weeks ago for me, which does seem to rather coincide with Zonealarms launch of their Free Antivirus and Firewall - coincidence I think not.However, unlike those regular cumulative updates that you get every month, a new major update means a new set of problems.

This happens every time my computer is turned off and back on, or if it comes out of hibernation. A few weeks ago I talked to one of their service reps, and she remotely uninstalled and then reinstalled the Firewall Component, stating that the firewall was out of date.I wonder how many AVG users have been tempted to abandon AVG for this very reason and give Zonealarms new package a try.Thanks again Alan for saving me a lot of time and trouble. go to control panel, security center, click on windows firewall at the bottom and then click the middle tab which displays exception. if that doesn't work click on add program and then locate the program files and then avg and that will can alternatively download avg 8.0 and uninstall the current isntal.