Qlabel settext not updating dating glowmanevents com networking

13 May

Hello, I would want to update a QLabel text (this QLabel displays the temperature of the CPU).But repaint() or update() have no effects until the main window is in focus, and I want the text to update without returning focus to the main window to show the visual change. Regards Xavier I use set Text, but the new text is not displayed until the main windows is in focus or until I do something over the window (moving the mouse, click on the window...).I know for a small project like this, it is silly to use the Graphics View architecture, but for the original project this is a requirement.

The progressbar which also updates by this method, updates correctly every second.

It is just the QLabel that sometimes seems to skip an update.

Any ideas on how I can make the QLabel widget to update correctly?

For example, when you look at the window without doing anything with the computer, nothing happens : the text isn't updated.

That's why I wanted to use update or repaint method, but it doesn't work. Regards Xavierprocess Events() else you could force it to redraw by calling update() though this just makes another event....