Rabbi zecharia wallerstein dating marriage

28 Jan

Living in a primarily secular world, we are inevitably influenced by the western “hollywood” idea of love and marriage.

There is a huge lack of education on the subject of marriage in the Jewish world.

Our team of experienced shadchanim have access to a large, thoroughly-researched database of eligible singles.

They will work together with your mentors and the people who know you well to suggest the shidduchim that are best suited for you.

This leads to singles having improper expectations, and increased difficulty getting people married and staying married.

Jewish communities are growing and spreading all over the world.

The impact of this lesson evolved into the majestic creation of a 16 month calendar with diary pages for entries on reflections of daily gratitude.

This artistic masterpiece, a Yonah Weinrib commission, is a gift item containing kriyas shema al hamita, the bedtime prayer.

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Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, founder and director, has become an icon in the Jewish world of fearless vision, deep conviction, and unfailing warmth.Rabbi Wallerstein learned a midrash rabba that pointed to Achashverosh’s practice of chronicling daily events.The infamous King of Persia would record who did ‘good by him’ and would assiduously make sure to reward and reciprocate in kind.Your mentor will be there with a listening ear and can provide fully informed, personalized advice after dates.Learn why our Jewish Matchmakers are called Rebbetzins.