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26 Mar

Treatment is done in both individual and couples sessions.

I offer several ways of treating addicts with initial intensive out-patient treatment including weekly or bi-weekly appointments, daily appointments for three weeks, or a three day intensive treatment.

On the bus back to his apartment, he began humming and wrote a few lyrics to suit his mood, "I don't ever want to feel/like I did that day" he shows the comfort his home city (la "the city of angels") gave him in the line, "at least I have her now/the city she loves me"the bridge in the title is the one anthony went to to shoot up with mexican dealers and gang members this is one of the most beautiful, melodic and tragic songs about addiction, and it is consumated beautifully by the church choir at the end (not John f's mother! But if your Really cool you call them "The Peps" Heard a D J say that years ago.

)in their singing with kiedis, (kiedis's part in brackets)this is a beautiful song, it makes me feel so at home in my city, and i didn't know it was about heroin at first.was (is still just) a song about Los Angeles and its interesting kind of beauty,and I can relate to how he feels at home in the city and all that.. I always think of it when I hear a "Peps" song.1981 under the bridge in L. homeless living with my family in a rented pontiac.

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