The squirrel dating advice

23 Mar

Bob Flowerdew, one of Gardener's Question Time's regular presenters, said: "We have 2 million listeners and when I suggest quite rightly that rats are becoming a pest I get hate mail saying rats have a right to live.We can do without rats, mice, fleas, lice and I'd add wood pigeons to the list. We are losing our roots with farming and people are beginning to forget.They keep the gravel all messed up with their digging.Of course, my cat (who is an indoor cat) loves watching them from the door.Since they are fairly small, using hardware cloth with smaller holes that can be buried a few inches into the soil may help.

The gardeners were speaking at Garden Show Ireland.

Their comments have been roundly attacked by Andrew Tyler, the director of Animal Aid, an animal rights group. But there is a concerted attempt to characterise them as vermin and a threat to the red.

He said: "The whole premise of gardeners killing squirrels is hateful and bigoted. "Gardeners who should be nurturing life and respecting life shouldn't be taking this bigoted view." His comments come just ten days after nine-month-old twins Lola and Isabella Koupparis were mauled by a fox cub in east London.

Sandy Cheeks is apparently a really controversial character, which I was unaware of until I started doing a little research.

Parents thought her bikini was indecent and many viewers found her to be super annoying. the town is BIKINI Bottom, and every character is supposed to be kind of annoying. I always loved Sandy because she was a badass squirrel astronaut.