Top ten reasons for dating a football player back dating mail

18 Apr

One of the most famous, and also the most paying, sports is football.

There have been hundreds who came, played and disappeared but only a handful justified the name on the back by performing for the crest in front.

Past performance (postseason included) weighed heavily in our assessment, with a skew toward the recent.

As a result, future prospects beyond this season did not play a part in the ranking process, while the influence of team context was minimized to whatever extent was possible.

Our sole concern was how players are likely to perform this season alone.

This past Friday, US District Judge Claudia Wilken reviewed that document and decided that the NCAA’s grounds for not compensating players was not justified, meaning for the first time ever, college athletes will get paid to play. Considering the massive TV market and apparel deals the NCAA has in place, that’s still an extremely small piece of the pie. The NCAA is a billion dollar industry and equating that much money to a bachelor’s degree, plus some pocket change, still gives us an unfair result.

From the perspective of kids themselves, especially ones who are coming from impoverished areas, a lot of that money would wind up having to go back home to support their families, leaving them with nothing once again.