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11 Apr

SEA also threatened to sue Gary Conway and IDC for the same reasons, but then they found that SEA's work was actually a derivative of IDC's work and several others and opted not to proceed with the lawsuit.

The name "zip" (meaning "move at high speed") was suggested by Katz's friend, Robert Mahoney. ZIP file format was released into the public domain in 1989. ZIP File Format Specification has its own version number, which does not necessarily correspond to the version numbers for the PKZIP tool, especially with PKZIP 6 or later.

Yes, Kudu is open source and licensed under the Apache Software License, version 2.0.

Apache Kudu is a top level project (TLP) under the umbrella of the Apache Software Foundation.

When navigating a file system via a user interface, graphical icons representing .

So, we must not also rely on the default encoding or else our code will behave differently in different platforms.

Hence, when working with files in text mode, it is highly recommended to specify the encoding type.

On the other hand, binary mode returns bytes and this is the mode to be used when dealing with non-text files like image or exe files. Moreover, the default encoding is platform dependent.

In windows, it is 'cp1252' but 'utf-8' in Linux.