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14 Feb

If you want to see which operating system you're running, go to the settings menu and tap on "About Tablet." It should display the current version of Android on your tablet.Will your smartphone or tablet get the Android update to Android 6 Marshmallow?If it doesn’t find anything, then there are no updates for your Android device.Upgrading with a custom ROM that is made from a much more recent version of Android actually means replacing your whole OS with this “new OS”.Google (and others) may support their own users' devices with a major upgrade only, instead of a security update to those older versions, but it's possible to do.A version of Android Kit Kat exclusive to Android Wear devices was released on June 25, 2014, with an API level of 20.Android is continually developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, and it has seen a number of updates to its base operating system since the initial release.

Following the up on the positive reception, Blackberry decided to launch the Blackberry DTEK 50 - a modified and rebranded version of the Alcatel Idol 4 in July 2016.

Asus had a trend over the past year that a large portion of their devices which were running on Android Kitkat (and lower) did not receive an update to Android Lollipop.

It seems like that trend continues, as quite a few those lucky devices that received the Android Lollipop or were released with them, won't be getting the Android Marshmallow update.

A manufacturer may tweak the operating system to work with a tablet's cameras or interface with a cellular digital service. (But let it be said that there's spirited debate among the Android community about whether all this customization is necessary or just plain ridiculous.) In short, when Google releases a new version of Android, it's a very basic platform.

By the time it gets installed on your new tablet, it becomes an extremely proprietary operating system.