Updating error symantec software updating utility

14 Mar

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Security software created by companies other than Apple can prevent i Tunes from connecting to Apple servers or to devices.

Check your hosts file to make sure that it's not blocking i Tunes from communicating with Apple's servers.

If you’re having issues using Air Play, Home Sharing, i Tunes, or Remote, test the connectivity between the computers or devices in your house.

If you're still having trouble, continue to the next section.In September, Chrome 53 was released, which enabled mandatory Certificate Transparency for Symantec certificates due to Symantec's history of incompetence.Some website operators, such as Chase, asked Symantec to submit their certificates to Certificate Transparency logs in such a way that the certificate wouldn't be trusted by Chrome, triggering the ERR_CERTIFICATE_TRANSPARENCY_REQUIRED error. Last week, an internal timebomb expired in older versions of Chrome causing this error message for any website using a Symantec certificate issued since June.This is for increasing the size of the disk attached to the “pool Virtual Machines”, which in turn automatically increases the size of the VHD by 50% of the extra space that was added to the Personal v Disk (Pv D), that is, if you increase the Pv D by 8 GB, VHD increases by 4 GB.The Symantec virus definition database might be too big for the default 2 GB VHD container that is shipped with the Xen Desktop 5.6 Personal v Disk installer.