Updating flex builder sdk

16 May

Net ADF Arc GIS Server - Java ADF Arc GIS Server ADF for the Java Platform Arc GIS Server Geoportal extension Arc GIS Viewer for Flex Arc GIS Viewer for Silverlight Arc IMS Arc IMS Data Delivery Arc IMS Route Server Arc IMS Web ADF for the Java Platform Arc IMS Web ADF for the Microsoft .Adobe Flash (formerly called Shockwave Flash, often just called Flash) is a multimedia software platform used for production of animations, rich Internet applications, desktop applications, mobile applications and mobile games.Flex uses MXML to define UI layout and other non-visual static aspects, Action Script to address dynamic aspects and as code-behind, and requires Adobe AIR or Flash Player at runtime to run the application.Required for deployment, the Java EE application server compiled MXML and Action Script on-the-fly into Flash applications (binary SWF files).

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Initially developed by Macromedia and then acquired by Adobe Systems, Adobe donated Flex to the Apache Software Foundation in 2011 and it was promoted to a top-level project in December 2012.Arc GIS for Aviation: Airports Arc GIS for Aviation: Charting Arc GIS for Maritime: Bathymetry Arc GIS for Maritime: Charting Arc GIS Military Analyst Arc GIS Pipeline Referencing Esri Defense Mapping Esri Production Mapping Esri Roads and Highways Arc GIS Data Interoperability for Server Arc GIS Data Reviewer for Server Arc GIS for INSPIRE Arc GIS for Maritime Server Arc GIS Pipeline Referencing for Server Arc GIS Workflow Manager for Server Esri Defense Mapping for Server Esri Geoportal Server Esri Production Mapping for Server Esri Roads and Highways for Server Arc GIS Runtime SDK for .NET Arc GIS Runtime SDK for Android Arc GIS Runtime SDK for i OS Arc GIS Runtime SDK for mac OS Arc GIS Runtime SDK for Java Arc GIS Runtime SDK for Qt Arc GIS Runtime SDK for Windows Mobile Arc Pad Arc GIS for Windows Mobile Collector for Arc GIS (Android) Collector for Arc GIS (i OS) Collector for Arc GIS (Windows) Explorer for Arc GIS (Android) Explorer for Arc GIS (i OS) Navigator for Arc GIS (Android) Navigator for Arc GIS (i OS) Operations Dashboard for Arc GIS Survey123 for Arc GIS Workforce for Arc GIS (Android) Workforce for Arc GIS (i OS) Arc GIS Maps for Office Arc GIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud Esri Maps for IBM Cognos Esri Maps for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Esri Maps for Micro Strategy Arc GIS for Auto CAD Esri Maps for Salesforce Esri Maps for Share Point Arc GIS for Defense Arc GIS for Electric Arc GIS for Emergency Management Arc GIS for Gas Arc GIS for Local Government Arc GIS for Parks and Gardens Arc GIS for State Government Arc GIS for Telecommunications Arc GIS for Water Address Coder Address Manager Arc CAD Arc Explorer Arc Explorer - Windows Edition Arc GIS API for Flex Arc GIS API for Silverlight Arc GIS Engine SDK for COM (VB 6.0) Arc GIS Engine SDK for COM (VC ) Arc GIS Explorer Online Arc GIS for Android App Arc GIS for i OS App Arc GIS for Windows Phone App Arc GIS OGC Interoperability Add-on Arc GIS Runtime SDK for Windows Phone Arc GIS Runtime SDK for WPF Arc GIS Server - .The following downloads provide the AIR 26 SDK & Compiler beta archives for Mac and Windows operating systems.With this beta of the AIR SDK & Compiler, you are now allowed to distribute and test captive runtime versions of your AIR applications so you can publish immediately to marketplaces, such as the i OS App Store, the Android Market and the Amazon Appstore.