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20 Feb

An airtime card is not required when the initial purchase is transacted.This information is purposely withheld and you do not find out until you have already purchased their phone, which can't be used with any other service, and activated their service, which lures you in with free minutes to get started.There’s also a bit of new info for each app in these lists.For example, the Updates tab will tell you the last time that each app was updated, and the Installed tab will tell you the last time that you used each app.by Yank (Florence, KY) The I-wireless policy regarding your expiration date on your prepaid airtime is to subtract any time you have left when you add additional airtime.Any unused minutes will roll over but not expiration time forcing you to either use them or let them pile up.Staff in stores will be trained to perform a three-point inspection.Phones that don’t meet certain standards, or show signs of damage will be subject to damage fees (detailed below). , handset insurance isn’t included within the price of the program.

Earlier when then client wants to check if the server wants to send something to him, he has to send dummy request to server repeatedly to ask for notifications.One feature aimed at making Cortana a staple of your Windows 10 experience involves being able to summon the digital assistant using nothing but your voice with a simple "Hey, Cortana" command.The only thing is, you have to enable the extra capabilities. You can now go about using your computer as you normally would, and whenever you need Cortana to perform a task, start by saying, "Hey, Cortana," followed by your command.I contacted I-wireless regarding this and they politely explained to me that this information is on the back of airtime cards.They could not however explain to me why this information is not disclosed before or during the purchase of the phone or the service.