Validating internet sources

26 Mar

Website owners can print anything they want, true or not, without worrying about the consequences.With so much content and so little oversite, determining which information is reliable can be a daunting task.Consider the following criteria and ask yourself the following questions: A good website will show when it was ‘last updated’ or give a clear indication of the timeliness of the information.Working links indicate the website is being maintained and updated regularly.Big data is delivering some big results for retailers.Macy's says that its big data program is a key competitive advantage and cites big data as a strong contributing factor in boosting the department store's sales by 10 percent.

In an academic setting, being able to critically evaluate information is necessary in order to conduct quality research.

Abstract The Source Address Validation Improvement (SAVI) effort aims to complement ingress filtering with finer-grained, standardized IP source address validation.

This document describes threats enabled by IP source address spoofing both in the global and finer-grained context, describes currently available solutions and challenges, and provides a starting point analysis for finer-grained (host granularity) anti-spoofing work.

(what percent of this do you think will be QUALITY, USEFUL information?

Schools, businesses, government entities, churches, and libraries create websites so people can learn more about what they do.