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07 Feb

They try to play it off like it's a complimentary gift to you for renting the tux from their store, but it's not like they have the option of re-renting those socks. She exits the freeway at Ninth Street, and I follow her.

They pretty much have to give them to me or throw them away. This is also why you should not go commando when dealing with rented formal wear. When I pull up beside her, she rolls down her window and tells me she has an extra ticket to the opera - but I'm not dressed appropriately.

It's a good feeling to have a tuxedo in your trunk. Someone can cut me off, and I won't give them the finger, much less honk, because I have a tuxedo in the trunk. I have a vested interest in staying cool and looking good. I could one-up him by going through the drive-thru in a tuxedo.

I might look like a slob, wearing baggy jeans and a worn-out green shirt I bought in 1999, but I'm just four feet away from the fanciest rented ensemble imaginable. Rod Stewart could come on the radio, and I wouldn't even bother to change the station. I would have to find a place to change clothes, though. I would change out of the tuxedo before eating the food, I think.

Age, so know lots of different women in order to carry the message of support.

BRYANT: it didn't dawn on me that im a cool, down to earth, laid back, easy to get to easy to get stuck.

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