Who is jaden smith dating now mandating run

18 Apr

Despite having a new TV show on Netflix coming out this month and doing red carpet with his father Will, who appears in , many people are falling for the viral hoax.

The hoax involves getting permission to post on the user’s Facebook page.

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Jaden feels like there is no need to throw shade, it is simply not cool.” There is no doubt that Jaden has a way with the ladies.

In 2012, a fake story suggested that the 18-year old rapper and actor died in a skiing accident.

With many recent photos of Will Smith and his son, Google searches of the Karate Kid actor are dominated by searches about his alleged suicide with “Jaden Smith dead” being the hottest trend.

Odessa - who is a budding actress herself - is believed to be 17 or 18 - so is younger than Jaden's longtime love, Sarah, who is 21.

While their relationship is only knew, the pair seemed very loved up.