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12 Mar

Well boys and squirrels, it looks like we will not have Kenya Moore to kick around anymore.

Kenya has bid us all a fond adieu on the Bravo blog!

“Yes, I am confirming that we are dating currently,” the urban model told Radar.

on November 18 that she gave Jordan a second chance after their June breakup.

“I arrived and found a suitcase in the driveway that was thrown down from the top with clothes everywhere,” the report obtained from the Sandy Springs Police Department read.

“I met Kenya Moore who had called 911 about a dispute with her former boyfriend.” Moore explained how he began a verbal argument with her following a trip to Hawaii.

“I decided not to file a restraining order against Matt,” Kenya revealed. On March 3, 2016, a police report was filed and Matt was arrested when he failed to maintain his lane while driving.

Upon being pulled over, the cop found out that there was an open warrant for Matt, because he didn’t go to court after running a red light and driving with an invalid license.

we are now adjusting to the transition of not having him here.Matt quickly paid his fines after being arrested and was able to go free, but he’s got a few too many mistakes under his belt for our tastes. Hollywood Lifers, do you think Kenya is better off avoiding Matt from now on? She admitted that she had only taken her new man to the building site as a form of flirting, saying: 'I think a man needs to feel needed, and I feel that this is a great opportunity to let Matt take the lead.'Kim - who did show for the meeting - admitted that she was wary of the 'negative atmosphere' that the pair working together might create, also insisting that she always works alone as 'producer-director,' insisting: 'I don't co-direct.'She had been even ruder on the way to the party, telling fellow guess Kandi Burruss that Kim's wig was like 'two poodles fighting,' joking: 'I was scared because I didn't have any doggy treats for that hair.'Kandi, one of the few who looked the most natural at the party, was also the only one definitely missing out on the Jamaica trip as at the time of filming she was two months from giving birth to her first child with husband Todd Tucker.Kenya Moore’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Matt Jordan has finally ended their toxic relationship – and he’s already moved on with someone new!Girlfriend Tiffany Maiyon exclusively revealed to Radar that she’s dating The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s ex.