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22 Mar

At issue: Kightlinger claims that the crazy-cat-lady script she once gave to White was appropriated for his recently released crazy-dog-lady movie, an accusation that's led to a breach of implied contract suit, waking nightmares, and nasty recriminations in the pages of their hometown paper.On Chuck & Buck: "The original nugget came from a scene early in the film where my character Buck grabs Chuck's balls.DEENAH VOLLMER: How are you feeling in the weeks leading up to the premiere of ? There's always a little dread when something you make comes out because everyone starts weighing in on what you've done, but I've sat with this show for so long, and I'm excited for people to see it.Yesterday I was in a cab and they were playing one of the trailers on the little TV in the cab and I was like, "This really exists.When you started writing season two, what did you want to change about the series?Mike White: What I liked about the first season, but what would have made this new season problematic, was that it was more meditative and not so plotty.Laura Dern brought White into a project with HBO which became the series Enlightened that premiered on October 10, 2011.White himself had suffered an on-the-job meltdown while running an earlier television series and incorporated elements of that experience into the new series' plot.

Such is the case for Enlightened as a whole: It’s amoral, ambiguous, weighty, and layered.Chuck & Buck was named the best film of 2000 by Entertainment Weekly.In an interview with The New York Times, Jeff Bridges called White's performance in Chuck and Buck "the performance of the decade".It sounds like tough work—and trust us, the show isn’t an easy pill to swallow—but it has proven to be one of the most complex, compelling character studies on television.(Full disclosure: This writer has shed more than a few tears while tuning in).