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15 Apr

The bell rings and Berg flops down in his corner, drenched in sweat. “Good way to wake up,” he growls through his mouth guard. on a Tuesday at Wild Card West Boxing Club, the Santa Monica gym that Berg co-owns, and the director appears eerily calm, even serene, for someone engaged in hand-to-hand combat.

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“He punched me in the throat once and I couldn’t talk for a week—that really made him happy,” Parker remembers.

He is a fascinating actor and his tremendous labor and hard work has paid off in style.

His amazing acting skills have always helped him to be whoever he is today.

Dressed in Johnny Cash black, the 51-year-old director of the films, drives the SEAL onto the ropes, where he lands a strong jab-cross combo, then vaults out of reach when his opponent strikes back.

The SEAL pursues Berg into the middle of the ring, and the two men trade a series of loud, thwacking blows before embracing in a clinch.