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23 Feb

Watch any object floating at the ocean surface as it encounters a wave, and you'll notice that it rises up with the crest and falls with the trough.It's possible to convert this oscillating motion into electricity in a number of ways.First proposed by British scientist Roger Shawyer about 15 years ago, the EM drive is an asymmetrical chamber, in which microwave photons are forced to bounce around.Unlike a regular rocket engine, there's no propellant burned, and no exhaust comes out of a funnel.The motor works well and we have had no problem in that area.The shelf design is hopeless as it only has two glass shelves and a vegetable drawer.If you're a NASA researcher and you want to create a frenzy across the internet, try publishing evidence that a space rocket could propel itself across the cosmos without burning any fuel, seemingly defying the laws of physics in the process.That's a trick that not even the Starship Enterprise could pull off, even if it actually existed.

"In science, a clear experimental result is the arbiter of truth," he says.

I don't want to replace all my appliances after 3 years which it seems is the life expectancy of LG products.

Very disappointed but glad I learnt this before buying more LG products.

In about six hours, 110 billion tons (100 billion metric tons) of seawater flows in and out of the bay [source: Bay of Fundy Tourism].

One way to harness the kinetic energy of all that moving water involves building a dam, known as a barrage, on a smaller arm of the bay.