Wow hangs on updating blizzard launcher

08 May

If your launcher crashes, upgrade Wine to at least version 1.2.1.

As of this writing (Wo W 4.3, wine 1.3.33 and some earlier versions), the Wo W Launcher and Background Downloader both crash when Peer to Peer downloading is enabled and either needs to download a new update.

This is usually caused by issues with the graphics card driver, visit binary drivers for more information.

If you have the installation discs, this guide recommends that you copy the contents of your discs to your hard disk and install Wo W from there.

It will most likely be mandatory to remount manually.

In mid-June 2013, Blizzard announced testing of the desktop app and it was released as a Beta in mid-August 2013.

It appears to be a unified version of Blizzard Launcher for all of their games.

Troubleshooting Wine tries to address the common issues people are having with running World of Warcraft using Wine on Linux.

Important note: Make ABSOLUTELY SURE you run the latest Wine version, as well as the latest version of your graphic card drivers.